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Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year! Happy 2019 from rainy gloomy Athens, OH. There was no white Christmas here this year and no snow for the welcoming of the new year either. I don't really mind as I walk to work and am not thrilled about the idea of walking in the snow, it's already cold enough as it is without snow. But I was talking to an acquaintance the other day and she told me that they have to have snow here and  it needs to get good and cold, because if it does not there will be too many insects....hmmm don't know about that. Could be!?

Anyhow, new years resolutions. Maybe I have too usual. I would like to blog more and make it a thing. So if I want to make it a thing maybe I should write more often. If I don't write anything pretty sure no one will read it. duh! So yeah, resolution one: WRITE BLOG!!
Another is to run, make that a thing too. I did run two 5k races in 2018...go me! First time for everything. But I want to do the 10k in April, if the agency I work for sponsors me like last year...ok resolution 2: RUN 10K. Included in the running bit will be lose weight and get fit for the big 4.0 which 2019 brings me!

I also have other resolutions like take more pictures, do more of my hobbies: calligraphy, crochet (making a jellyfish atm) just DO MORE OF WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY!

I think that enough for resolutions. Perhaps I'll look back on these next year and see what was done.

So have a Happy New Year and may it be everything we hope and dream.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Avoalre Sunglasses

Hi there. Just thought I'd show you my new sun glasses that I got from AVOALRE. They were kind enough as to send me this pair of sunnies. I picked them out on their site. I went for the round ones as I wanted to try a different style. Change is always good. I had never bought glasses online before without trying them on first for fitting purposes, but it was a great experience and I was pleased with my choice. 
I wear regular glasses all day everyday to see so I'm taking these to get prescription lenses put in so I can wear them. 
Check out their site and see if you find anything that interests you. Have fun  shopping. There's something for everyone. 

My flatlay with the new glasses

I really liked the case, My crochet cactus there as well!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Obliviscar Snorkel

Here is the Obliviscar snorkel.  With this snorkel you can snorkel without having something in you mouth, like you usually have to have when snorkeling. I got this in size small/medium as I wanted my kids to be able to try it out as well. The mask is a pretty snug fit and because the mask is large you can have a good view of what is all around you. This particular one comes with a mesh bag for storage as well as earplugs.

It is easier to put together and take back apart whish is a good point on my opinion. I don't like it when things snap together and then you can't find a way to take them back apart. Not the case with these.

Now to find a decent place to go snorkeling and try this out in the water. Hmmmm I just had an idea...bathtub it is. The public pool doesn't allow full face masks so I can't try this there. Bathtub it is!
Moments like these make me wish I was back on the beach. Oh well, bathtub it is. If you want to get yours, you know click the link! They do have different and pink!

Here's the snorkel along with the mesh bag

all put together trying it out

she wanted a turn too

okay, let's do this

Close up of what it look like on her face

Before putting it together

That's all for today! Just keep swimming and enjoy the rest of your summer!! Or winter for those in the Southern Hemisphere!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Miskos 12 Color Naked Eyeshadow

I recently received theses two eyeshadow palettes from Miskos for reviewing. One of them is matte and the other is shimmer. Personally I prefer matte eyeshadow, but shimmer is always nice to add a pop of color in the corner of the eye or in the middle of the eye lid once the rest of the eye shadow is in place just to give it that little extra.

A flatlay of both eyeshadow palettes. On the left is the matte and the one on the right the shimmer. 
Matte eyeshadows

Shimmer eyeshadows
                              the matte palette
                                        these are the shimmer ones, although the last one in the palette is matte.

The matte palette offer a good variety of brown earthy tones, great for day to day looks and nude variations. The shimmer one seems to have a few that have a very slight variation in tone, barely recognizable.  The gold for instance and the copper looking one. There are three golds going from light to dark and there are also three copper tones. Each changing slightly. Would be nice to try all three and make a graded look going from light to dark or dark to light.

These palette are definitely perfect for everyday looks and work days, although you could great a good dark smoky eye out of them as well.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Head Lamp

This head lamp is great for camping which is why I got it. It is water resistant which is a good feature for camping. Imagine needing to go out in the rain to fix something or get something that is not in your tent. This light is very strong and bright. It has a few different light modes as you can see from the video below. 
Husband has taken it on a trip now. I'm sure he will make good use of it. It fits well as you can adjust the size of the elastic that fits on your head. It works with a triple A battery (AAA). The light distance is 150 meters, I did not test that part...and it is 200 lumens. You can read the description on the box in the picture below.

This light is excellent for doing small things as well like fixing jobs that you need extra lighting for, fixing electronic things, jewelry making, Also for reading at night in bed. These are things I like using the light for. Another good use is for sewing and doing things close up to your face. I wear glasses on a day to day basis and sometimes need more lighting. Actually more often than not. I like using the light to read to my kids at bedtime too, so the lights are off and they can fall asleep while
I read to them. At the moment we are reading through the Amelia Bedelia series. Needless to say the light makes for many good reading nights in bed.
What do you use to read in bed at night or do those close up jobs?

Abbey Eden

Monday, June 11, 2018

3 D Moon Lamp

I have been into lamps lately and this lamp is one that I was very interested in getting. It is a 3 D Moon Lamp. You can charge it or leave it plugged in to use it. The charge lasts a few hours. A few of the features I like about it: You can change its colors by tapping the little metal button on it then when you touch the moon itself the light dims or changes tone. You can also do this with the remote control that comes with the lamp.
I have been using the lamp as a night light and as a decoration in my living room.
My kids enjoy it as well and like choosing what color we will keep it at for the night.

Here is the box it comes in along with the charger. I put the wooden stand together and there you have it...your 3D Moon Lamp! I looks beautiful even without being on.
Now here are the different colors.


Enjoy this video of me changing the colors by tapping the little metal button on the top, but you can always use the remote control to change the colors or the tones, making it dimmer or brighter. It really is a great ambience light, giving the room a cozy feeling.
I also hope to use it for photo shoots at night. I think it'll be great for that.

Thanks for reading. Hope you like the lamp as much as I do.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Tri-Fold Mirror

Today I'm going to show you the Asani Tri-Fold mirror. It has led lights all around the middle part. The lights can be dimmed or brightened. It can be used with batteries or with a USB cable, that comes with the mirror. It doesn't come with the plug to plug it into the wall, but I just used my phone charger. One side of the opening sides of the mirror is divided into two mirrors one is 2x and the other 3x.  I also received a small 10x hand mirror with this mirror.

I was interested in getting this mirror for a few reasons: I am a makeup artist and this seemed like the perfect thing for my dresser or for taking to photo shoots (since it is light to carry and battery operated). My daughter loves mirrors too, so I also thought she would enjoy using this mirror.

All in all we are very pleased with this mirror and will spend many hours using it.
all closed up

with the small 10x hand mirror

opened up

lights on they are very bright

having fun with one of my dolls

tried different shots with her

Do you have a makeup mirror? Where is yours from?

Sunday, May 6, 2018


My son recently joined the swim team here in town and is now swims everyday from Monday to Friday for an hour and a half. Needless to say he needed some decent goggles for practice. These were our choice.
Chose the blue ones because I had some blue ones as a child and always loved how the made the water seem so much bluer.
Here a picture of the different nose adjusting pieces that come with it in case you need to change the size. To me this is a great feature to have as sometimes the eye part of googles can be too tight. There is also a nose plug and a pair of ear plugs as well. Don't think he will use the ear plugs right now, maybe when he gets a little older.

Close up of the goggles and the nose plug. 

There he is, ready to get swimming!
Very happy with his new swim gear. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Easter Eggs and Hunt

A workmate of mine raises chickens and brought some to work for us! So we had plenty of eggs to paint for Easter. We painted them three different ways.
1. cup of water with drops of food coloring in it, dip the eggs in the water and there you have it
2. shaving cream with food coloring, drop egg in mix around, rinse
3. rice in a cup, drip food coloring in it, mix, place egg in and shake

Then we had an egg hunt with clues to guess where the place was where the egg was hidden. At the end of the hunt was the treasure...Easter bucket of goodies!
My kids enjoyed it and my daughter kept saying it was the "Best Easter ever."
It was that and the fact that we spent the afternoon at the Aquatic Center swimming, after missing the date for their Easter activities.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Mikasa Brushes

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Mikasa asking if I wold be interested in some of their brushes. I am a make up brush addict so I could not resist. I ordered a set that came with a case and eight brushes.

If you are interested in their brushes you can use my code and receive a 15% discount on your purchase.
I will be posting more one these soon.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Cube Timer

A timer for all sorts of situations. Would be great for cooking of getting things done in general. I can think of several uses, timing kids TV or gaming time, exercise time, bath time.
Eager to see how this works.