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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Easter Eggs and Hunt

A workmate of mine raises chickens and brought some to work for us! So we had plenty of eggs to paint for Easter. We painted them three different ways.
1. cup of water with drops of food coloring in it, dip the eggs in the water and there you have it
2. shaving cream with food coloring, drop egg in mix around, rinse
3. rice in a cup, drip food coloring in it, mix, place egg in and shake

Then we had an egg hunt with clues to guess where the place was where the egg was hidden. At the end of the hunt was the treasure...Easter bucket of goodies!
My kids enjoyed it and my daughter kept saying it was the "Best Easter ever."
It was that and the fact that we spent the afternoon at the Aquatic Center swimming, after missing the date for their Easter activities.

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