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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Tri-Fold Mirror

Today I'm going to show you the Asani Tri-Fold mirror. It has led lights all around the middle part. The lights can be dimmed or brightened. It can be used with batteries or with a USB cable, that comes with the mirror. It doesn't come with the plug to plug it into the wall, but I just used my phone charger. One side of the opening sides of the mirror is divided into two mirrors one is 2x and the other 3x.  I also received a small 10x hand mirror with this mirror.

I was interested in getting this mirror for a few reasons: I am a makeup artist and this seemed like the perfect thing for my dresser or for taking to photo shoots (since it is light to carry and battery operated). My daughter loves mirrors too, so I also thought she would enjoy using this mirror.

All in all we are very pleased with this mirror and will spend many hours using it.
all closed up

with the small 10x hand mirror

opened up

lights on they are very bright

having fun with one of my dolls

tried different shots with her

Do you have a makeup mirror? Where is yours from?

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