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Monday, June 11, 2018

3 D Moon Lamp

I have been into lamps lately and this lamp is one that I was very interested in getting. It is a 3 D Moon Lamp. You can charge it or leave it plugged in to use it. The charge lasts a few hours. A few of the features I like about it: You can change its colors by tapping the little metal button on it then when you touch the moon itself the light dims or changes tone. You can also do this with the remote control that comes with the lamp.
I have been using the lamp as a night light and as a decoration in my living room.
My kids enjoy it as well and like choosing what color we will keep it at for the night.

Here is the box it comes in along with the charger. I put the wooden stand together and there you have it...your 3D Moon Lamp! I looks beautiful even without being on.
Now here are the different colors.


Enjoy this video of me changing the colors by tapping the little metal button on the top, but you can always use the remote control to change the colors or the tones, making it dimmer or brighter. It really is a great ambience light, giving the room a cozy feeling.
I also hope to use it for photo shoots at night. I think it'll be great for that.

Thanks for reading. Hope you like the lamp as much as I do.