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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Head Lamp

This head lamp is great for camping which is why I got it. It is water resistant which is a good feature for camping. Imagine needing to go out in the rain to fix something or get something that is not in your tent. This light is very strong and bright. It has a few different light modes as you can see from the video below. 
Husband has taken it on a trip now. I'm sure he will make good use of it. It fits well as you can adjust the size of the elastic that fits on your head. It works with a triple A battery (AAA). The light distance is 150 meters, I did not test that part...and it is 200 lumens. You can read the description on the box in the picture below.

This light is excellent for doing small things as well like fixing jobs that you need extra lighting for, fixing electronic things, jewelry making, Also for reading at night in bed. These are things I like using the light for. Another good use is for sewing and doing things close up to your face. I wear glasses on a day to day basis and sometimes need more lighting. Actually more often than not. I like using the light to read to my kids at bedtime too, so the lights are off and they can fall asleep while
I read to them. At the moment we are reading through the Amelia Bedelia series. Needless to say the light makes for many good reading nights in bed.
What do you use to read in bed at night or do those close up jobs?

Abbey Eden

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