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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Miskos 12 Color Naked Eyeshadow

I recently received theses two eyeshadow palettes from Miskos for reviewing. One of them is matte and the other is shimmer. Personally I prefer matte eyeshadow, but shimmer is always nice to add a pop of color in the corner of the eye or in the middle of the eye lid once the rest of the eye shadow is in place just to give it that little extra.

A flatlay of both eyeshadow palettes. On the left is the matte and the one on the right the shimmer. 
Matte eyeshadows

Shimmer eyeshadows
                              the matte palette
                                        these are the shimmer ones, although the last one in the palette is matte.

The matte palette offer a good variety of brown earthy tones, great for day to day looks and nude variations. The shimmer one seems to have a few that have a very slight variation in tone, barely recognizable.  The gold for instance and the copper looking one. There are three golds going from light to dark and there are also three copper tones. Each changing slightly. Would be nice to try all three and make a graded look going from light to dark or dark to light.

These palette are definitely perfect for everyday looks and work days, although you could great a good dark smoky eye out of them as well.

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