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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Obliviscar Snorkel

Here is the Obliviscar snorkel.  With this snorkel you can snorkel without having something in you mouth, like you usually have to have when snorkeling. I got this in size small/medium as I wanted my kids to be able to try it out as well. The mask is a pretty snug fit and because the mask is large you can have a good view of what is all around you. This particular one comes with a mesh bag for storage as well as earplugs.

It is easier to put together and take back apart whish is a good point on my opinion. I don't like it when things snap together and then you can't find a way to take them back apart. Not the case with these.

Now to find a decent place to go snorkeling and try this out in the water. Hmmmm I just had an idea...bathtub it is. The public pool doesn't allow full face masks so I can't try this there. Bathtub it is!
Moments like these make me wish I was back on the beach. Oh well, bathtub it is. If you want to get yours, you know click the link! They do have different and pink!

Here's the snorkel along with the mesh bag

all put together trying it out

she wanted a turn too

okay, let's do this

Close up of what it look like on her face

Before putting it together

That's all for today! Just keep swimming and enjoy the rest of your summer!! Or winter for those in the Southern Hemisphere!

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