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Friday, May 17, 2019


Figured I'd write a little about the workout I've been doing. Now that I am on summer break it has been easier to get them in. This week I did some of one called Treino Intensity. It's by a Brazilian who lives in Florianopolis. Worth checking out! So her videos are only 10 minutes long. I know you're probably thinking ten minutes is nothing and you're right it is nothing, but the workouts are definitely something. She has a program for you to follow as well, like a schedule. Since I like doing things on my own I have been doing 2 of them a day plus 2 her other ab ones. Barriga Zero. Look her up on Instagram if you're interested. Coach Estrela Terra!
So this week I was pretty faithful getting it done. Which was awesome. Feel much better once it's done! I have a 5K race tomorrow night. My first night run, which should be fun! So I also did a run on Tuesday, a short one at the nearby park. Then yesterday I did a 5K on the treadmill at home. My kids did not want to go out with me for my run so I opted to run at home. Guess that's the perk of having a treadmill.
So that's what I'm doing for now. Hoping to keep it up throughout the whole of summer and get this body in shape. The shape I want it to be in. From my point of view that's what really matters. Not what anyone else has to say.
See you on the treadmill, on the mat, or on the bike path.

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